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Fire Damper and Smoke Damper

Inspection Services

Property Owners, are your buildings compliant with NFPA?

Can you verify all fire dampers and smoke dampers fully close?
Have the fuse links been maintained to ensure proper operation?
Was your last inspection more than 4 years ago?
Are you positive there are no interferences due to rust, bent tracks, damaged blades?

If you answered no, then say Yes to AC by Commercial

We will handle your NFPA required, 4 year inspection

AC by Commercial Fire Damper & Smoke Damper Inspections

Our inspection process will allow your investments to comply with NFPA

Detailed report listing every fire and smoke damper and their condition
Actuate all fire dampers, removing and resetting fusible link, to ensure fire damper fully closes
Maintain fire dampers by replacing compromised fusible links and lubricating all moving parts
To ensure pneumatic and mechanical fire dampers function properly, manually activate all fire dampers to verify they fully close
All dampers are digitally photographed to verify for regulatory agencies that all fire dampers and smoke dampers were inspected

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